Lekwa Cooling Tower Services can provide all cooling tower related spares for locally manufactured as well as imported cooling towers.  The most common cooling tower spares would include cooling tower fill, drift eliminators, water distribution piping, water distribution sprayers and nozzles, electric motors, gearboxes, impellers, and air inlet louvres.  Whether you require spares for a large field erected counter flow tower or a small factory assembled cross flow tower Lekwa Cooling Tower Services can assist.

We provide spares that comply with international standards and of the highest quality. To ensure this, we adhere to a strict quality check regime and only use reputable and trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers.

We can supply the following Cooling Tower Spares:

  • Cooling Tower Nozzles
  • Cooling Tower Sprayers
  • Cooling Tower Impellers
  • Drift Eliminators
  • Distribution Pipes
  • PVC Fill Blocks
  • PVC Drift Eliminators
  • Fill Grids
  • Cooling Tower Splash Fill
  • Cooling Tower Pumps
  • Cooling Tower Gearbox
  • Cooling Tower FRP Walkways
  • Cooling Tower Sumps
  • Cooling Tower Drive Shafts
  • Cooling Tower Hub Assembly
  • Cooling Tower Couplings
  • Cooling Tower Louvers
  • Dark Room Louvers
  • Honeycomb Drift Eliminator
  • Trickle Pack Fill
  • Cooling Tower Vibration Switches
  • Refurbished Parts

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