Cooling Tower Maintenance and Services

Lekwa Cooling Tower Services offers general cooling tower maintenance and services to industrial clients.  Cooling towers require regular preventative maintenance to ensure that they deliver the thermal duties they were designed for.  Lekwa Cooling Tower Services can assist with cooling tower cleaning and servicing, which includes, but is not limited to the cleaning and / or replacement of water distribution piping, water distribution sprayers and nozzles, cooling tower drift eliminators, cooling tower air inlet louvres, cooling tower fill, etc. Mechanical services would typically include the refurbishment or replacement of impellers, supplying of electric motors, gearboxes, shafts, and v-belts.

Often factory assembled package cooling towers, along with some field erected cooling towers, comprise of several GRP (glass reinforced plastic or fibreglass) components. Lekwa Cooling Tower Services can assist with any GRP related cooling tower repairs or work.

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We have extensive work experience on the following cooling tower types:

  • Package cooling towers
  • GRP package cooling towers
  • Mechanical draft cooling towers
  • Natural draft cooling towers
  • Cross flow cooling towers
  • Induced draft cooling towers
  • Field erected cooling towers
  • Counter flow cooling towers

Package Cooling Towers

Concrete Cooling Towers

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Before and After

Here are some before and after photo’s of projects that we have worked on


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